During my hiatus a lot has changed.

The city still seems to have it’s tug. Dakota has a job in town, and I lost mine after three days. To our disappointment, the farm wasn’t all we that was imagined. It had so much potential, yet the drama was insufferable. We recently scouted out a friends property as a new spot to park our camper. It’s pretty far out and only a cabin and a well lie on about 60 acres of property. It’s underdeveloped and a nice get away, but we wonder if it be possible to inhabit full time with no main road, cell service/wifi signal, or a running toilet. And yet. taking a tour of the land, it already felt more fulfilling than the farm.

We went camping last weekend for a skill share collective and I discovered a lot about myself and how to become still in my mind free from distractions (outward and inward). Coming back was the most difficult part.

My sister and her man are on an elaborate road trip of adventure and self discovery and I can’t wait til we see each other again. Once she arrives, there’s an opportunity for the four of us to head to Arizona together. Her boyfriend knows of a farm collective there and Dakota has been invited to stay with the Hopi tribe for the summer.

Although it’s  uncertain where we’ll go from there, it seems our search for a place to call home may continue longer than we suspected.

How to make the universe laugh? Tell it your plans.

Living in Vermont has had it’s ups and downs and it’s hard to believe I’ve been here eight months already, but all in all I think I’m happier than I ever been. From living with Rikki, the gender-queer ball of fun, Ryan, a humerus herbal encyclopedia, James, the good soul who lost his way, to Dakota, the love of my life. I never imagined I’d fall in love again after what happened and was dependent on being alone, but something stirred in us in the middle of that forest when fireflies emerged to light our way to an open field. Having grown up in Florida never seeing one before, my eyes expanded into a vast sense of wonder that has since encompassed our entire relationship. Then we got jobs, moved in together, and lived the normal life for awhile. Now everything is about to change again.

Me and Dakota put a deposit down on a 28 foot fifth wheel that will be in our possession Sunday. It’s been a long haul and it wasn’t the one we originally wanted, but after the salesman struck a deal with us and offered us one for $13,000 less than what we planned on paying, we eagerly accepted. We liked the thought of no monthly payments or waiting to get approved, and spending less money renovating than what it what of costed with them included. It was a bit of a compromise, but we know it’s only the beginning.

Our plan now is to park it on a friend’s land about an hour north of here. They have 1,000 acres and we’ve been offered one to do whatever we want with in exchange for farm work, pitching in on the electric bill, and growing and managing medical marijuana plants. Of course there’s some odds and ends to sort out still, like building water and sewer hook-ups and doing renovations, but everyone there seems to have a decent knowledge of construction and they seem like small details in the scheme of things. Being that it will be a few months for any plants to reach maturity and any income to come from them, I’m trying to find a small part-time job in the area, My end goal is still to get my yoga teacher’s certification and teach kundalini yoga to the world as we travel, but one thing at a time.